This page is designed for those persons qualified as mediators or interested in mediation.  Links are provided to specific articles. 

Inclusion in this list is not intended to be an endorsement by the Family Mediation Council of Louisiana. We are always interested in other resources available.  

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Topic: Advice for Parents

A Parent Guide to Visitation

Step-parent Advice

Teen Guide to Parental Separation

A Kid's Guide to Parental Separation

A Grown-Up's Guide to Separation and Divorce

Misc Articles


Mediation & Parental Alienation Syndrome

Research on Joint vs Sole Custody

Philip Stahl article preparing clients for Mediation

Bob Emery Study on Mediation in Divorce

Australian Research on Child Inclusive Mediation - NEW 

Topic: Visitation Plan Samples

Holiday Vacation Schedules

Parenting Military Sample Plan

Long Distance and Interstate Plans

Model Parenting Plans (Arizona Supreme Ct)  

Parenting Plan Guide (Oregon)

Colorado Divorce Resolution (Access Plans)

Topic: Mediation and Domestic Violence

 Michigan Courts Screening Protocol (pdf)       

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Topic: Louisiana Law

 Civil Code on Child Custody


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