1. Possess a college degree and complete a minimum of 40 hours of generalized mediation training and 20 hours of specialized training in the mediation of child custody disputes; OR

    2. Hold a license or certificate as an attorney, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, marriage and family counselor, or clergyman and complete a minimum of 16 hours of general mediation training and 20 hours of specialized training in the mediation of child custody disputes.
  1. Complete a minimum of 8 hours of co-mediation training under the direct supervision of a mediator who is qualified in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (3) of this subsection, and who has served a minimum of 50 hours as a dispute mediator.

  2. Mediators who, prior to 8/15/1997, satisfy the provisions of paragraph (1) of this Subsection and served a minimum of 50 hours as a child custody dispute mediator are not required to complete the 8 hours of co-mediation and are qualified to supervise co-mediation training.

    1. Have served as a Louisiana District, Appellate or Supreme Court Judge for at least 10 years, have completed at least 20 hours of specialized mediation training in child custody disputes and no longer serve as judge

    2. The training specified in Paragraph A(1) above shall include instruction as to the following:

      1. The Louisiana judicial system and judicial procedure in domestic cases.

      2. Ethical standards, including confidentiality and conflict of interests.

      3. Child development, including impact of divorce on development.

      4. Family systems theory.

      5. Communication skills.

      6. The mediation process and required document execution.

    3. A dispute mediator initially qualified under the provisions of this subpart shall, in order to remain qualified, complete a minimum of twenty hours of clinical education in dispute mediation every two calendar years.

    4. Upon request of the court, a mediator shall furnish satisfactory evidence of the following:

      1. Educational degrees, licenses and certifications

      2. Compliance with qualifications established by this Subpart

      3. Completion of clinical education

    5. The Louisiana State Bar Association, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section, may promulgate rules and regulations governing dispute mediator registration and qualifications, and may establish a fee not to exceed one hundred dollars for registration sufficient to cover associated costs.
Dec 14 2010

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